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The kid activities are the heart and soul of E4K. This is where kids get to interact and learn from UC Berkeley undergrads, grads and faculty. Much care is taken in organizing fun and interesting activities for kids of all levels.

E4K 2010 introduced seminars for parents and adults to attend throughout the day. These seminars covered topics in science and engineering as well as education within these fields. Speakers for these seminars included UC Berkeley faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students. These seminars did not work well with the E4K program: parents were ill informed resulting in low attendance, many did not wish to separate from their kids, etc.

For E4K 2012, these faculty seminars were eliminated, and replaced with lab tours. Lab tours were extremely well received by both students and parents. These tours however took a longer amount of time than the 30 minute activities, and with the stamp system, many felt that these tours would be a waste of time. If these tours could be shortened (or some other solution) then this may increase the attendance of certain lab tours.

E4K 2013 also did not have faculty seminars. Lab tour groups were asked to keep their tour to half an hour and only operated three times throughout the day (10AM, 11AM, 1PM). One stamp was provided. While feedback from one group indicated that half an hour was enough, we found that lab tour leaders were starting their tours around 2 minutes past the hour- generally not enough time for parents to get to the meeting point. Thus, many parents and students missed out on the tours. It is suggested that lab tours be instructed to wait at least 5 minutes and given the option to run for half an hour every half hour (w/ one stamp) or one hour (w/ two stamps).

Thus there were 3 types of activities at E4K 2013.

  1. 30-minute activity sessions
  2. Demonstration tables
  3. Lab tours

E4K 2014: According to new LEAD Center rules established 1/2014, minors are NOT permitted in campus laboratories "where hazards are present", even with faculty approval, unless we are a university-sanctioned event (which we are not, we classify as student orgs). More on what these hazards are later…

All society involvement letters (available for download below) should be reviewed for more information about these activities. Also, due to the increase in the number of activities, much care was taken to construct a clear schedule for student orgs and kids.

Note: a slime activity is never a good idea. Never. Unless the student org is completely prepared to clean up everything and anything, and the slime is not taken outside of the room (found lots of slime in the auditorium one year). Slime was not done in E4K 2013.
Ice cream and borax-related activities are usually very popular, but leave a big mess. Student orgs usually only do a mediocre job of cleaning up. Due to their popularity it is NOT suggested to ban these activities, but try to cover the floors of these rooms with something. If you use newspapers, remember that black footprints from stepping on wet newspapers can be just as annoying (use a wet doormat outside the door?). Alternatively, move the activity outdoors but have a backup plan in case of rain.
If a society plans for a messy activity, ask that they provide ziplock bags to hold their creations.

Resources for this page

  1. Google doc form sent to all interested student organizations before Thanksgiving
  2. General introduction sent to societies after Winter Break
    • E4K2013 Student Org Involvement Letter
    • E4K2013 Student Org Activity/ Demo Table Info Sheet
    • E4K2012 Sample Student Org Activity Description
  3. Informational Session for Student Orgs - how to sign up, get involved, and host an activity/demo table
  4. Google doc form for society activity/demo table/tour sign-ups
  5. Google doc form for society feedback