Activities Timeline

Below is the E4K 2013 timeline for Activities organization. Note that the activities coordinator will work closely with student orgs, graduates, and faculty to convey all necessary information to the correct participants.


  • Reach out to external orgs/corporations for involvement (These groups in general need advance notice to prepare)

Right After Winter Break
Note: Previous to E4K 2013 this was scheduled to be done before Thanksgiving. However, responses before Thanksgiving were limited mainly due to the fact that many groups change officers every semester. Hence, it is suggested that this step be completed at the start of Spring semester.

  • Collect student org contact info
      • Have them fill out a google doc with contact info (2 points of contact)
      • Inform them of the event date
      • Send out google doc to ESC listserv, non-ESC groups, and go to ESC general meeting to address committee representatives in person. Note that the ESC listserv may not be updated with Spring semester officer information in a timely manner. Kindly ask that the email be forwarded if it has reached an old officer.


  • Student org info session on how to get involved. (One lab tour group complained that this meeting was unnecessary because they have participated many times before. Whether or not it's mandatory is debatable) Try to have as many details ironed out for this meeting and make sure lab tour groups understand what they need to do any why we can't have parents visiting labs on their own.

February 22

  • Activity descriptions due (turn in information via google doc)
      • Form where student orgs are able to communicate certain needs of their activities (room with moveable tables, no carpet, etc.)

By March 1

  • Finalize all activities
  • Communicate final schedule and details to student orgs
  • Send info to designer for printing.

Within a Week After E4K

  • Send out google doc feedback form to student orgs/ faculty/ grad groups