Budget And Expenditures

Most expenses will not change drastically from year to year, so the E4K budget should be set relatively early in the school year (before Thanksgiving).

Projected Budget

The budget for E4K 2013 and suggested budget for E4K 2014 can be found in spreadsheets in the Drive under the Budget tab. This form of presentation is much easier to view and edit.
2013 Actual Budget
2013 Suggested Budget for 2014
For E4K 2014, our goal is to accommodate a total of 300-400 students and to involve more of the UC Berkeley Engineering Community. In order to accomplish this expansion, we requested $6,500 from the College of Engineering. This amount will go towards covering the cost of food, volunteer T-shirts, and room reservations for the event. We also hope to gain some support from the COE in waiving or reducing the cost associated with space and room reservations.

Expense Procedures

If KAUST Diversity and Inclusion Initiative funds are granted, you should be able to obtain charge strings specifically for these funds through Professor Pruitt. For all other expenses, reimbursement procedures through Callink were followed.

At the beginning of each semester, a representative from E4K (typically head coordinator, or whomever will handle E4K finances) must attend an ESC treasurer’s meeting to learn about the Callink Reimbursement procedure. The ESC treasurer's meeting will also discuss what ESC funds can be used for. ESC program funds cannot be used for food or tshirts, while ESC miscellaneous funds can be used for those items. Typically E4K is allocated left over ESC program funds, so E4K funding should allocated accordingly. Note that contact info (SID, address, email, phone #) for the reimbursed party should be obtained well in advance for quick processing. E4K falls under the Engineering Student Council group in Callink. The financial representative from E4K needs to request to join that group on Callink, but he/she will not be a confirmed member until that same representative attends the treasurer's meeting.

Purchases less than $1000 generally can be paid in advance by a member of E4K (find someone with cash back credit card?). This is the easiest way to pay for non-campus related purchases. Anything over $1000 (food) can be processed through a Purchase Order (PO), which requires an official estimate/invoice on purchasing company letterhead. You can create the PO yourself in the same process in which you create a reimbursement request, except you must indicate in the appropriate field a One-time PO instead of reimbursement. This is slightly more difficult than a reimbursement because you need to submit the invoice/estimate and then wait for ASUC to mail the check (or ask you to hand deliver the check). If a purchase gives you the option to use a chartstring or PO (campus related expenses) and you cannot obtain a working chartstring, as was the case in E4K 2013, ask for an invoice and process the order via PO. PPCS was a special case in which they will ONLY take chartstrings. We circumvented this problem by asking ASUC Event Services to use their chartstring to place the work order for PPCS janitorial services and then bill us via invoice after the event. Event services explained that they typically do not do PPCS work orders, but they made an exception for us in 2013. Whether or not they will allow this to be done for future years is still being discussed.

Resources on this page

  1. E4K 2012 List of Expenses - comprehensive list of all expenses for E4K; good reference as shopping list.
  2. E4K 2012 Budget - rough budget of E4K 2012, should reflect what is given above.