The following section outlines specifics about Day-of preparation for E4K.
Make sure ALL E4K members know the details regarding the basics of the event- bathroom locations, building locations, lunch locations, day schedule, etc. Parents will be looking for any volunteer with questions. We received some criticism one year for not covering this issue.

Day Before Setup

Some location setup is completed the day before in order to ease the load on the following morning.

Check List

  1. Etcheverry
    • Get demo tables into one of the etch classrooms (tables are located on the first floor, in the storage area marked off by a metal gate across from the large outdoor trash cans)
    • Set up info table
    • Put up activity signs/ mark doors
    • Put up bathroom signs
  2. Cory
    • Put up activity signs/ mark doors
    • Put up bathroom signs
    • Arrange demo tables
    • Set up info table
  3. Soda
    • Get demo tables ready for transport to Cory
    • Set up info table
    • Put up activity signs/ mark doors
    • Put up bathroom signs
  4. Hearst Mining
    • Get access to tables
    • Set up for lunch
  5. General
    • Directional campus signs
    • Move cleaning supplies, society stuff into 373 Soda

Early Morning Setup

Stanley Hall is usually the meeting point for all E4K members. Tables need to be moved from the basement level right below the staircase to the atrium. Usually there are four check in tables with ~2 volunteers per table. If more volunteers are available, the atrium can support six check in tables.
Tables for lunch in HMMB should be available in HMMB.

Activities Check-in desk for E4K 2013 was located at a corner on 3rd floor Etcheverry. Instructions from 2013 can be found here.

Kid Check In

Kid Check In in 2012 took place in Stanley Hall.

The following was the check-in procedure.

  • Check off name on registration list (google doc)
    • Procedures for kids not on the list should be discussed; in 2012 we just let them in :)
  • Collect/ sign waiver form
    • All kids must sign the insurance waiver form, but if they do not want to sign the photo release part then give them a bright orange sticker.
  • Attach wrist band
    • Lunch was split up into two sessions (Blue or Gold). The whole group was given the same color.
  • Write name of Child on Student Packet (back page)
  • Have children write names on a nametag
    • This was the second biggest time-consumer of the check-in process. It's also not completely necessary and can be removed.
  • Would the parent like a lunch?
  • Send off lecture hall for introduction

Opening Presentations

This presentation provides important information to parents and students so that they understand how the entire schedule works. E4K 2012 and 2013 conducted these presentations in two separate rooms (305 and 306) at two separate times to allow those who come earlier to head over to activities first. However, this presentation is very time consuming and resulted in nearly every student missing/being late to the first round of activities.
Here are some possible solutions to this problem:

  • Instead of having only two presentations, have one presentation every ten minutes or so in alternating rooms.
  • Create a How-to-E4K video and send to parents via email prior to the event. That way they can just come check-in and head off to activities. However, this requires demo tables to be set up even earlier.


30-Minute Sessions


Lab Tours

No serious issues were expressed with the stamp system in 2013.


Set up tables in a way that allows for adequate traffic flow. Blue lunch was provided from 11:30 - 12:30 in HMMB. Gold lunch was provided from 12:00 - 1:00 in Stanley Hall. Volunteers grabbed their lunches between 12:30 - 1:00 in HMMB. If a different food item is provided for volunteers in 2014, choose a different place to provide food to volunteers (Wozniak Lounge).

Check Out

Kid Check Out in 2012 took place in Stanley Hall.

The following was the check-out procedure.

  • Verify 5/10 activities completed
  • Cut off back corner of packet and put into raffle box
  • Give Goodie Bag
  • Certificate (write name)
  • Ask kids to store messy items in their bag
  • Send to lecture hall to await raffle and closing ceremony

Closing Presentation and Raffle

The raffle box should be monitored by someone at all times. The closing ceremonies and raffles are held in two separate sessions. Once one room is filled, make sure that the raffle box for the appropriate room is taken into the room and another raffle box for the other room is prepared. In 2013, there was a slight issue where kids would put their tickets into the raffle box and then wander off somewhere other than the appropriate auditorium. When they came back, we already switched rooms and there was no way of knowing which raffle box they put their ticket in.

Resources on this page

  1. E4K 2013 Event Day Essential Documents - Includes all check lists, presentations, and instructions
  2. E4K 2012 Day Before Set up Check List
  3. E4K 2012 Check In/Out Procedure
  4. E4K 2012 Schedule of the Day
  5. E4K 2012 Introduction and Closing Ceremony Presentations