External Resources

The following are resources for contacting external corporations for involvement/donations.


Contact information for potential donors were typically acquired from external corporation websites or through other student org contacts. In E4K 2012, SWE shared with us a large list of contacts that they had developed through various companies.

When conversing with these contacts, an initial email was sent, but it was found that phone calls were a great way to get more information and a direct answer. The following was the format of these cold calls:

  • Give general intro to what E4K is
  • Say we are looking for 1) donations for prizes, 2) physical presence at the event, 3) flyers about your institution for our goodie bags (only applies to museums and exhibits)
  • Ask who would be the right person to talk to with our inquiry

In past E4Ks, receptive external corporations have been

  • Lawrence Hall of Science - donated 300 family passes in 2011, 100 in 2012, 100 in 2013
  • Exploratorium - donated 2 tickets for raffle in 2011 and 2012
  • Lego - donated Lego Education kits for prizes in 2011 and 2012, also gave brochures for goodie bags
  • Google - donated lots of swag in 2012, 2013
  • Bechtel - donated lots of swag in 2012
  • Army Corps of Engineers - attended E4K 2012 and 2013and hosted a demo table; expressed interest in future participation
  • Chabot Space & Science Center- One certificate for four admissions to the museum
  • CuriOdyssey- 400 passes
  • Bay Area Discovery Museum- family passes

In addition to external corporations, UC Berkeley engineering departments are contacted for any donations. The ESS in particular has been a frequent donor of past E4Ks.

For future E4Ks, coordinators should target more local Bay Area Museums and Exhibits, in addition to the current list of external corporations. These institutions may be more receptive to participating in E4K or simply sending us fliers about their programs for our goodie bags; this information is great for parents and the advertisement is great for the exhibits as well. Below is a list of a few of the many local Bay Area Museums and Exhibits. None replied to emails for E4K 2014.

  • Aerospace Museum of California, Sacramento
  • Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose
  • Oakland Aviation Museum, Oakland
  • Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo, Palo Alto
  • Randall Museum, San Francisco
  • Steinart Aquarium, San Francisco
  • The Tech Museum, San Jose

Some donors require that you fill out online forms that ask for a Tax ID number, which we do not have direct access to. These forms need to be filled out by Deepak Sharma (see Website -> Lead Center) from the ASUC. Gather all necessary information for filling out these forms and set up a meeting with Millicent through the ESC treasurer. Try to have this done early in the fall semester since these corporations tend to take a while to approve of these requests.
Since we are financially sponsored by the ASUC (via ESC), always use the name Associated Students of the University of California when funding related issues are involved.

Resources on this page

  1. Complete contact list of E4K2012 Potential Donors
  2. General format of involvement/donation email sent to potential donors
  3. Complete contact list of E4K2013 Actual Donations/Involvement