Feedback And Review

Every year the E4K Planning Committee takes steps to receive feedback from attendees, student orgs and faculty in order to improve E4K. At the time of E4K 2012 registration, gender/ethnic information was obtained in order to get feedback on the range of kids who attend E4K. Surveys were also sent out to student orgs and kids who participated/attended the event. Feedback was discussed by the planning committee after the event, and these notes should be reviewed at the beginning of every year in order to improve E4K and to construct a new set of goals for the planning committee.
Responses and active questionnaires from E4K 2013 can be found in the Drive under the Post Event tab. The questionnaire can be easily adopted for future use.

Resources on this page

  1. E4K 2012 Attendee Gender and Ethnicity Statistics - information obtained at time of registration
  2. E4K 2012 Attendee Questionnaire - survey sent to parents after E4K
  3. E4K 2012 Society Survey - feedback from student orgs who hosted an event
  4. E4K 2012 Planning Committee Review - committee review and discussion after E4K