Food Order Permits And Insurance

Food Order

For all past E4Ks, food has been ordered from Cheese n' Stuff. Typically a variety of sandwiches (vegetarian, roast beef, turkey) were ordered with the deluxe lunch (includes drink, piece of fruit, and bag of chips). The sandwiches are extremely good, and parents always appreciate a healthy meal for their kids.

E4K 2013 introduced parent lunches for a price of $5. This was essentially the same deluxe lunch that we provide for the children. We used a ticket system to sell lunches. Parents were generally very happy with this offering and were ok with paying for their lunches. However, there is usually a large amount of fruit left over.

A bigger issue that surfaced this year was the availability of lunches for volunteers. Many people understand our financial limitations, but some still push for providing food for all volunteers.

The following suggestions are made for future E4K Planning Committees to consider.

  • Purchase drinks (and maybe chips) ourselves. These items could possibly be purchased outside of Cheese n' Stuff for less.
    • 400 Capri Sun may be too much. Sodas and water ran out really quickly. Also, try juice boxes instead of Capri Sun.
  • Limited fruit
  • Buy pizza (or something less costly than deluxe sandwiches) and drinks that will be able to feed all volunteers for the same amount of money we've been spending on sandwiches for volunteers (125 x $5.75 = ~$720)
  • Make sure that Cheese n' Stuff labels vegetarian sandwiches properly. This mix up was an issue in 2012 and 2013.
  • Pray for no rain

For the food order, a written quote on Cheese n' Stuff letterhead was obtained by February 27th. A purchase order was organized by contacting the ESC treasurers by the 9th.

Food Permit

A food permit must be completed and submitted for both children and volunteer lunch locations/vendors. This is completed relatively quickly through here. The approved permit MUST be printed and prominently displayed at food distribution locations. Attached below is the food permit from E4K 2011 for reference.

Food Vendor Liability Insurance

We need to obtain a proof of insurance from Cheese n' Stuff (Sample from 2012). This is required for the use of Hearst Mining Building/Circle or Betchel Terrace for eating. COE policy. This form is part of the reservation process through Susan. See the Locations page for more details.


Jeff Woods in ASUC requested that we fill out the insurance form here because our event involves minors.

Resources on this page

  1. E4K 2011 Food Permit
  2. Food Permit Link
  3. E4K2012 CheeseandStuff_Liability_Proof.pdf