Funding Sources

In the past, funding for E4K was primarily awarded through the COE and ESC with some additional funding from the ASUC. In 2013, two primary funding sources were used: COE and ESC. The table below details all incoming funds for E4K 2013. The sections below detail specifics of previous and current funding sources for E4K. All options should be explored during the fall, and all sources should be secured/confirmed as soon as possible.

Description Amount Notes
ESC Funds $2,000.00
COE Funds $6,500.00
Knovel Donation $500.00 Knovel donated this amount to cover the costs of our E4K t-shirts printed with their logo on the sleeve
Total $9,000.00


The ASUC is a good way to receive additional funding for event supplies/stationary/printing costs. The most direct way to receive funding without having to go to the senate is to apply for an ASUC grant: []

In 2010, Jaikarn applied for the Public Service Grant, worth $500. Although the grant request was rejected because E4K was receiving a significant amount of money from ESC, it is still worth applying to as a last resort.

The next step would be to go to contact an ASUC senator. From the list of senators on the ASUC website: [], it is best to find a senator who is involved with the APPLE ENGINEERING party. The senator will draft a proposal and submit it to the senate. The following (or a few) Mondays later, a representative will have to go to the senate in Eschleman Hall at night and explain to the senate what you are requesting money for. It is a slow and painful process, but something that you must do. It is best to tell the senate that ESC will not be providing much funding for the event. If you feel bad saying that, tell them that ESC will be providing miscellaneous funds and E4K would like the senate to pay for program funds (printing costs, stationary, supplies, etc).

For E4K 2011, Sabina Del Rosso (ESC contact and ASUC senator) was able to securing funding for the ESC (earmarked for E4K) from a senate bill. Very little effort was required from E4K coordinators. This option was not explored in E4K 2012 or E4K 2013.

KAUST Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

Professor Lisa Pruitt was able to secure funding for E4K through the mechanical engineering departmental KAUST Diversity and Inclusion Initiative. This source of funding was able to cover all room reservation costs (~$2500) for E4K 2012. A UC Berkeley faculty member is in charge of allocating funds from this initiative every year. So this staff member should be contacted near the beginning of every year in order to secure funding.
Professor Pruitt was on sabbatical for E4K 2013; thus, this option was not explored for E4K 2013.


E4K is technically an ESC event, and as such, the ESC has been supportive of funding for E4K. In 2008 and 2009, ESC provided $2000 of funds. In 2010, ESC provided $2000 in programs funding and $2000 in miscellaneous funding which was mostly left untouched.

To request funding from ESC, a coordinator of E4K must go to a Fi-Comm meeting and request funding. Having an itemized budget for E4K is the best way to request money. Previous FiComm proposals can be downloaded on this page. It is also advantageous for the head coordinator of E4K to keep a close relationship with the ESC President. In 2011, 2012 and 2013, meetings were scheduled roughly every month, and funding requests at times did not have to go through FiComm; the ESC president simply allocated E4K funds. Get in contact with the ESC president early Fall semester to discuss allocations for E4K, but keep following up every now and then because ESC generally does not finalize allocations until Spring semester. Also, keep email correspondences with the president regarding funding as proof when they make final allocations in the Spring; they sometimes forget.


For E4K 2012, coordinators went to the Engineering Student Services (ESS) office to request funding from the COE. A meeting was set up at the end of spring 2011 with Dale Masterson (Director – ESS) and Vanessa Rivera (Director Student Academic Services). *Vanessa left in June 2012, so an appointment with just Dale will suffice.* The COE provided $3,000 in funding for E4K 2012. $6,500 was requested and granted for E4K 2013. Another $6,500 will be requested for E4K 2014.

The COE looks to finalize its allocation of funding for student orgs by the beginning of the school year. So, proposals for future E4K funding must be submitted by the end of the current school year. Previous proposals can be downloaded on this page.

Organization of funds

COE funds were pooled with ESC funds for E4K 2013 under the ESC account in Callink. $1500 went to program funds account and the rest went to the miscellaneous account. KAUST funds, if requested, are held separately and can be accessed through its own chartstring obtained via the faculty advisor (Professor Pruitt).

Resources on this page

  1. E4K 2010 & 2013 ESC Mid Year Report (MYR-11) - ESC requests these reports from student orgs every year; a 2012 Mid Year Report was not requested.
  2. E4K 2012 COE Proposal for 2013 Funding
  3. E4K 2012 ESC FiComm Proposal for 2012 Funding
  4. E4K 2012 ESS Proposal for 2013 Funding
  5. E4K 2013 COE Student Org Budget Request Form - After submitting the COE and ESS proposal for funding with Dale and Vanessa, Vanessa requested that we fill out this form as a formal request with the COE.