Janitorial PPCS

Coordinators will need to work with PPCS for the following orders:

  1. Classroom clean up and furniture resetting for all Etcheverry and Cory rooms in our reservation
  2. Restroom restocking and clean up for 3rd floor Etcheverry and 2nd floor Cory
  3. 7 trash cans, 2 recycling bottle and can bins, 2 recycling mixed paper bin delivered to HMMB at 8AM and picked up at 4PM

The first two will be required to complete room reservations in Cory and Etcheverry.

Custodial Chartstring

Unfortunately, we do not have access to the chartstring for custodial services. In 2014, Dale directed us to talk to Portia Groce ude.yelekreb|gaitrop#ude.yelekreb|gaitrop so that she could place the orders for us. Find her in the lobby of the ESS building and kindly ask her to place an order for the services above and send you the work order numbers.

Susan Madison will also request a custodial chartstring for Bechtel. Have Portia send an email over to her with this information.