Meeting Presentations

For E4K 2012, weekly meetings were held from the end of October to one week after E4K. These meetings allowed for better coordination of resources and made sure that all committee members were up-to-date about all things E4K.
E4K 2013 had a meeting every week or every other week in the Fall and weekly meetings in the Spring.

Meetings were held in the Engineering Library in Study Room E (room can accommodate ~15 people). This study room can be reserved one week in advance via the Engineering Library Website (rooms tend to go fast, so steps should be taken to reserve this study room as soon as the reservation system allows). The room has a nice TV where the presentations can be displayed (you can check out a VGA cable from the front desk) and it seems to be a good central location for everyone.

Resources on this page

  1. All meeting presentations from E4K 2012 - these presentations may be used as a general week by week guide of all planning committee tasks
  2. All meeting presentations from E4K 2013