Professional Printing

E4K has various items that are professionally printed. Samples of all items can be downloaded below. Design and printing files for E4K 2014 can be found here.

  • E4K Passports
      • Brochures containing activity info, schedules, etc. 425 student brochures were printed in 2012 and 2013.
      • Typically printed with color cover, black and white inside pages
  • Door Signs
      • Activity door signs for lab tours, 30 minute activities, and demo tables. Printed 27 activity signs in 2013 for 27 groups. Printed in color on 11 x 18 inch sheets.
      • "Stop" signs to direct kids to not enter classroom with closed door. Some classrooms have 2 doors; suggested to print signs to use other door if student entry is through one door only.
      • Signs for building doors (1st floor Cory, 4th floor Soda, 2nd floor Etcheverry) that indicate the wrong floor/doors for E4K activities.
  • Student Certificates
      • 300 certificates on cardstock in color on 5 x 7 sheets, or two certificates per 8.5x11 sheet.
      • Check leftover stock before re-printing
  • Name Tags
      • name tag on a template was provided for every committee member. Print extra blanks to allow for hand written names.
  • E4K Banner
      • One vinyl E4K banner, 6 feet x 2 feet in color.
      • One vinyl E4K banner, 9 feet x 3 feet in color.
      • Three vinyl Help Dek banners, 5 feet x 3 feet in color.

For E4K 2012, all of the above materials cost $468.70. The cost was closer to $350 for E4K 2013 because the banner did not need to be printed again. The timeline for professional printing was as follows:

  • March 1st: Activities finalized - room assignments, blurbs, schedules
  • March 5th: Designs finalized - update student passport and door signs
  • March 9th: Printing completed

Materials were printed at Copy Grafik Copy Grafik, which was immensely cheaper than printing at Copy Central in previous years.

Page organization as shown in the pdf file for the 2014 passport was acceptable and worked out just fine. This job falls on the designer to organize correctly.

ESS Donated Printing

The Engineering Student Services center has in the past donated their printing services for certain items. After emailing Dale Masterson (Director - ESS) politely asking to help, he obliged by printing the following items:

  • Map of Campus
  • General Advertisement Fliers
  • E4K Waiver Forms - extra waiver forms

Dale asked us to email him 1) the desired items, 2) the amount of each item, and 3) b&w or color. Once printed, items were available for pickup at 230 Bechtel (ESS office).

Resources on this page

  1. E4K 2012 Passport
  2. E4K 2012 Door Signs
  3. Student Certificates
  4. E4K Banner
  5. General Directional Signs
  6. E4K 2012 Campus Map
  7. E4K 2012 General Advertisement Fliers
  8. Waiver Forms
  9. E4K 2012 Goodie Bag Thank You Letter
  10. E4K 2011 Special Name Tags