School Resources

Below are all the resources used by the elementary school coordinators. The most recent documents can be found on Google Drive.

School Contact and Advertisement

Contact information for local elementary schools is gathered annually before Thanksgiving. This information is obtained via school websites and confirmed via phone. The preferred method of contact (most likely email) should also be confirmed. Sign ups were slow in E4K 2013, so it may help to confirm that emails are actually being received by the contacts before sending additional E4K information.

It is suggested that you look through the previous year's registration sheets to see which schools are most receptive to our program. It may also be worth emailing previous year's waitlist students to offer them a chance to register again (there was no waitlist in 2014)

A trend that was first documented in E4K 2012 and occurred again in 2013 was that only 60-70% of the registrants actually show up on the day of the event. Following a post-event survey conducted in 2013, we found that this occurred for various reasons that are largely beyond our control (forgot, sick child, etc.). To compensate for this and meet our intended capacity of ~400 students, advertising should be expanded in as many ways as possible, and targeted schools increased to at least 80.

E4K 2014 Schools By Phase

Three items were emailed to our elementary school contacts in order advertise E4K 2012.

  • General Advertisement Fliers - could be posted around schools, distributed to parents, etc.
  • Counselor Letter - letter with information for our contact at the school; directs our contact to distribute E4K parent letter to interested parents.
  • Parent Letter - letter with information for parents; details event and registration information. For Phase 1 schools, this letter included a Phase 1 school code necessary for registration; no code was needed for Phase 2 registration.

The General Advertisement Flier was not used in E4K 2013 or 2014, but IS suggested for the future.

School Registration

All student registration is handled via our website. The elementary school coordinator will work closely with the webmaster to develop the student registration form. The E4K2014 Registration excel sheet contains all the student/chaperone information obtained at the time of registration/waitlist. This can be used for reference for the construction of future registration systems. A separate (copy) document should be made to use for student check-in.

In 2014, our normal registration system was substituted with a link to a Google form. Because there were no limitations on how many students can be registered per chaperone and Google form capabilities are limited, a multi-line text box was used to given to parents to enter student names. This proved to be a bigger headache for the committee later on, as names must be separated line-by-line for day-of check-in. Using a pure Google form for the future is only recommended if there is a cap on number of students per chaperone (highly recommended either way) and the multi-line text box can correspondingly be replaced with multiple single-line text entries that are each recorded in their own cell. Alternatively, consider paying for more powerful form options on the internet or reinstating the old custom registration system (see website).

Once a student is registered, attendee information and a waiver form was sent to the chaperone via email or requested method. All attendee information sent in 2013 is available for download below. Note: Google Drive Docs may mess up the formatting of some Word documents if converted. Information for 2014 is available on Google Drive.

After the event, a parent survey was sent to attendees. This is a great way to get feedback from parents in order to keep improving E4K. All parent surveys and feedback from E4K 2013 can be found here.

Resources on this page

  1. E4K 2013 Counselor Letter Phase 1 - tells contact to distribute E4K Parent Letter.
  2. E4K 2013 Counselor Letter Phase 2 - tells contact to distribute E4K Parent Letter.
  3. E4K 2013 Parent Letter Phase 1 - includes registration directions with Phase 1 School Code.
  4. E4K 2013 Parent Letter Phase 2 - includes registration directions.
  5. E4K 2012 General Advertisement Flier
  6. E4K 2014 Attendee Information - includes parking, directions, info about check-in, day-of info, etc.
  7. E4K Waiver Form