Security process from E4K 2012.

  • Fill out the blank form. It needs to be delivered to Carol Alfano at UCPD Special Events in Sproul Hall. Arrange a meeting with her by contacting her via phone: (510) 642-9109. Her email is ude.yelekreb|onaflac#ude.yelekreb|onaflac for sending forms.
  • We have had issues in the past with homeless people getting into the restrooms. Avoid propping doors open unless people are always there to moderate those who enter. (For example keep the Ridge (North) side door of Etcheverry closed.

We need several SPO's (Security Patrol Officers in this case the CSO "Cal Student Officer") for the space reservations.

  1. Stanley Hall requires one SPO (not CSO) stationed in inside.
  2. Hearst Memorial Mining Building requires an SPO stationed inside as well.
  3. In 2014 we had three additional officers walking around between Etcheverry, Soda, Cory and Hearst Mining Circle.

Resources on this page

  1. Blank Police Services Request Form (editable fields)
  2. Filled out Police Services Request Form
  3. Receipt from 2012 needed by Susan Madison for Betchel/HMMB reservations and Stanley Hall
  4. E4K 2013 Security Services