Planning Committee General Info


Typically the E4K planning committee consists of, but shouldn't be strictly limited to, 10-15 members. Organizing E4K has generally required coordinators with the following responsibilities. By no-means are these names official titles, and the responsibilities for each coordinator are not limited to the following descriptions.

Head Coordinator: The head coordinator’s responsibility is to overlook the entire coordination of E4K and ensure that all coordinators are accomplishing their goals and meeting deadlines. The director should delegate work to the coordinator, and provide assistance to the coordinators if needed. The director’s vision for E4K of that year may have a significant impact in the way E4K is planned and executed. The director may also be responsible for developing a budget and managing resources. The director has also provided much of the networking to professors/faculty/sponsors in the past. The responsibilities of the director may be allocated to other coordinators if so desired.

Elementary School Coordinator: The school coordinators must contact local schools to recruit students for the event. An emphasis must be placed on recruiting underserved students in the Bay Area. The school coordinators are also responsible for communicating all necessary event information to registered students.

Activities Coordinator: The activities coordinator acts as a contact point for the societies and faculty that will be participating in E4K. These societies may be part of the ESC or outside of the College of Engineering. The activities coordinator is responsible for delivering information to the societies and ensuring that all societies are prepared for E4K (submitting E4K activity summaries, blurbs, etc.).

Design: The designs coordinator is responsible for preparing flyers, posters, E4K Passports, and other media for the event. The more creative, the better!

External Contact Coordinator: The external contact coordinator is responsible for contacting and managing local and external organizations and individuals to either sponsor the event through money, prizes, give aways, food, etc.

Logistics Coordinator: The logistics coordinators handle other issues such as room reservations, security, prizes, food ordering, food permits and insurance.

Web Master: Create the E4K website, post relevant information and registration sign-ups.


In the past, E4K planning committee members were appointed by the ESC. As E4K continues to grow, active steps should be taken to recruit dedicated, mission driven individuals, outside of the ESC.

COE Freshman Orientation: At noon, all engineering student orgs table out on memorial glade during the COE freshman orientation. The ESC sends out sign-ups for this event in early August. In 2013, we collected a good number of email addresses from freshman, but still only one person showed up to the new recruit informational meeting.

Via Email Listservs: E4K blurbs were sent out to SWE, ME, and COE listservs advertising the first E4K info session.

ESC Appointed Officers: All ESC student organizations must have one representative on some ESC committee; so E4K is assigned 4-5 officers every year, but generally only 1-2 actually put a real effort in to helping out. These appointments are organized every year with the ESC - the E4K head coordinator typically meets with the ESC president to organize how many appointments the E4K planning committee can accommodate.

Past recruiting ideas have been

Outreach at Cal Info Session: Partner with BEAM, PIE, Engineer w/o Borders, and other outreach orgs for a one stop info session for incoming freshman/interested people.

Email BEAM Listservs: Specifically target outreach groups for interested individuals.

Classroom Advertisement: Go to general engineering classes to advertise info session.

If there are too many people who show up, to the recruiting infosession, you can use the application to select individuals. This option wasn't really employed for E4K 2013.

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