T-shirts for E4K Staff

T-shirts were new to E4K 2011 and they immensely helped the organization of the event. For E4K 2012, the E4K Planning Committee was outfit with T-shirts, and extra shirts were used as raffle prizes and as gifts for individuals who helped the planning committee throughout the year. T-shirts for all volunteers has been discussed, but doing so would be extremely expensive and the money could be better spent on the children.

In 2011 T-shirts were printed by Charvi's friend Khiem Nguyen, whose email is moc.liamg|yobmeihk#moc.liamg|yobmeihk. For 20 shirts, the total came to $170, which was covered by ESC.

In 2012 the same vendor was used. Updated contact info: website - http://dtntech.com | email - moc.hcetntd|ofni#moc.hcetntd|ofni
For 40 green shirts with white text, the total came to $226.28. Correspondence with the vendor began in mid-February, and the order was placed by March 1st. The vendor estimated that it would take 2 weeks total (production + shipping) to reach us. Many parents expressed interest in purchasing our t-shirts.

In 2013, we introduced t-shirt sales to parents for $10 each. This idea was well received. We purchased a total of 100 t-shirts for $675. This was heavily discounted due to some communication errors on the vendor's end. However, this was also more expensive than usual because we sleeve printed a Knovel logo. Sleeve printing adds $1.50 per shirt. Purchases were made in the following quantities:
Small- 30
Med- 45
Large- 20
XL- 5
We ran out of small and XLs. In addition to printing a few more of these sizes for next year, consider printing children's sizes (or XS). Many parents wanted to purchase these shirts for their children, only to find that the available sizes were too big.

In 2014, we attempted to go with a big name vendor (customink.com) only to find that they were 1. very expensive and 2. unable to print anything with UC Berkeley written on it. Khiem at dtntech was still the best option for E4K; they are cheaper, faster (production and ship), and charge much less for shipping. We printed on American Apparel shirts in the following quantities:
XS - 25
S - 25
M - 20
L - 20
XL - 10
Ran out of XS and S. Print more XS and S in the future.

Resources on this page

  1. E4K T-Shirt Design (photoshop file) - format requested by vendor
  2. E4K General Logo