Thank Yous

The success of E4K is a result of hard work from many different organizations, corporations, and people. As such, many Thank Yous are sent out at the end of every E4K.

The following was a rough checklist from E4K 2012 of entities to thank. Thank Yous included a card with pictures of happy kids at E4K.

  1. Participating ESC student orgs
    • A thank you email was sent to all participating organizations
    • Spoke at the ESC general meeting to address presidents in the future
    • Special Student Org Help (BEAM, HKN) gave out t-shirts to lucky few
  2. COE and Departmental Help
    • Help with location reservations, funding, printing, etc.
  3. External Donors/Participants
    • Donations of prizes, fliers, etc.
  4. Security
    • Security officers were really nice :)

Resources on this page

  1. E4K 2012 Thank You Check List
  2. E4K 2012 Thank You Template - Faculty Involvement/External Donations
  3. E4K 2012 Thank You Template - Student Organization Involvement